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Top Gun Acrylic Coated Polyester Marine Fabrics

ACRYLIC COATED POLYESTER TOP GUN marine fabric is guaranteed for a five year period against excessive loss of color or strength under normal exposure conditions. Not flame retardant. Do not expose to direct flame or heat.

• 62” Width, 11 ounces/sq. yd. weight

•100% polyester high count woven base fabric

•Acrylic impregnation coated

•Stay true long lasting colors

•Super high strength and abrasion resistant

•Highly water repellent, Mildew and Ultra-Violet resistant

•Stabilized - Maximum stretch or shrinkage less than 1%

•Five Year Limited Warranty

TG-458 Charcoal, TG-459 Taupe, TG-461 Sand, TG-462 Aquamarine, TG-463 Caribbean Blue, TG-464 Royal Blue, TG-465 Hemp Beige, TG-466 Turquoise, TG-467 Sea Gull Gray, TG-468 Arctic White, TG-469 Chocolate Brown, TG-470 Buckskin Tan, TG-471 Onyx Black, TG-472 Indian Birch, TG-473 Harbor Blue, TG-474 Navy Blue, TG-476 Burgundy, TG-477 Sunset Red, TG-478 Teal, TG-479 Forest Green

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