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Roofers Tear-Off Tarps

Made from super strong 40 oz./sq yard. black vinyl coated fabric. Sewn with a crisscross and plus pattern, 2" yellow high strength webbing with 3" id x 3/8" heavy steel O-rings sewn to ends of webbing. A great tarp for lifting debris from roofs and construction sites, simply load the tarp with debris, attach a clevis hook to the steel rings and lift. Common sizes: 7'x7', 10'x10', 12'x12', 15'x15', 20'x20'
CAUTION:Not to be used as a lifting sling. Always be sure that no personnel are under any materials being lifted. Watch for any wear points in tear off tarp. If wear points are visible, do not use the tarp, replace it immediately.

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