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MarineOne Marine Fabrics

<p>WATERPROOF AND EXCEPTIONALLY DURABLE MARINE FABRIC:</p><p>MAR1NE ONE™ is BondCote’s superior four season cover fabric for the boating industry. This fabric has no strike through and a brighter underside. It also is a soft, pliable fabric with a good slip for easy fabrication. MarineOne TM has a excellent abrasion and hydrostatic resistance, and will not leak standing ice or water. Currently offered in fifteen colors.</p><p>MO-6000 White, MO-6001 Ivory, MO-6002 Beige, MO-6003 Light Gray, MO-6004 Charcoal, MO-6005 Red, MO-6006 Burgundy, MO-6008 Teal, MO-6009 Olive Drab, MO-6010 Forest Green MO-6011 Blue, MO-6012 Marine Blue, MO-6013 Navy, MO-6014 Black, Five Year Limited Warranty</p><b></b>

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