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LAMINATED POLYESTER FABRIC WITH SOFT BACKING:<p>SOFTOUCH™ is the perfect fabric for those looking for protection while also worried about damaging the painted, gel coated or other delicate surface on the underside. While regular fabrics can scratch these, SOFTOUCH™ will not, due to its soft backing. Utilizing MarChem’s ODYSSEY III™ fabric that is laminated to a special non-woven backer, SOFTOUCH™ provides the ultimate non abrasive surface to cover and protect your possessions. Performance and Luxury, SOFTOUCH™.</p><p>SOFTOUCH™ is 60” wide, 11 ounces per square yard, with a non woven underside. It provides unrivaled protection from the elements with a non scratch underside.</p><p>PRODUCT ADVANTAGES:<br />• Weather protection on the top side<br />• Soft underside that won’t scratch<br />• Highly dimensionally stable<br />• Mildew resistant<br />• High abrasion resistance<br />• Highly water repellent<br />• Custom colors are easily made<br />• Protected by a 3 year limited warranty</p><p>ST-908 Taupe, ST-949 Black, ST-994 Caribbean Blue, ST-980 Royal Blue, ST-987 White, ST-988 Forest Green, ST-989 Silver Grey, ST-992 Charcoal, ST-996 Burgundy, ST-998 Harbor Blue, ST-999 Birch</p>

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